Our Story

           Derived from the Czech dialect, Umeni means ‘art’, and every piece that we create represents its creator, 

the artisan. It brings alive the stories, the rich culture, and the very history behind it. 

                  Our designs blend traditions of excellence in craftsmanship with contemporary sensibilities and a promise of quality. 


"Just like a masterpiece, our creations don't compel to perfection but to the stories, they're woven with. We embrace imperfections that bring the heart and soul of the stories."

Ishita Khandelwal (Co - Founder)

"Every handmade piece is unique to its creator- each with its own flaws, touches, and marks that encapsulate the story and the magic of the maker. The central goal is to empower the artisans across the country and keep the culturally-driven art of handicrafts alive."

Eram Khan (Co - Founder)

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